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Jerrett G.
...I also taught a pre-engineering class for high school students for the Upward Bound program at the University of Akron from 2001 - 2005. I’m currently teaching a financial literacy class to 6th and 7th grade students at Emanuel Christian Academy and I am a “Seven Habits of Highly effective Peopl...
35 Subjects: including reading, chemistry, physics, calculus
Akron, OH
Brandi W.
...I do this through building off of the words students already know as well as introducing them to new words weekly. I also help students develop strategies for figuring out the meaning of words based on their context. I teach a 4th-6th grade class that focuses on English grammar.
8 Subjects: including reading, English, writing, literature
Akron, OH
Sabina B.
...I like to pick out the best techniques from my previous teachers and incorporate them into my tutoring. I like to make it very interactive and fun, to help you better remember the language as you probably won't have a chance to talk Russian throughout the day. Basically, I am friendly and can help you learn Russian.
6 Subjects: including reading, algebra 1, Russian, phonics
Akron, OH
Dan A.
...We went on many field trips and had a great time. In 2006, after obtaining my Master's Degree in English Literature and Rhetoric, I began teaching part time at Stark State College, where I specialized in College Composition and Technical Writing. In 2014, I left my high school to teach college ...
14 Subjects: including reading, English, writing, grammar
Akron, OH
Chin W.
In 1992, I graduated from the History Course of Baoji Teaching College and graduated from the Psychology Health Education course of the Southeast College of China in 2013. In 2012, I got senior level TCSL (teaching Chinese as a second language) certification. I worked as a TCSL teacher several years.
16 Subjects: including reading, Chinese, grammar, phonics
Akron, OH

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