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Week of March 26, 2017 Galileo Thematic Unit

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Making Gorgeous Wooden Boxess

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  1. Beautiful Wildcat Friendship
  2. Jumpy and Alex
  3. Anarctica - The continent of the penguins.
  4. Jingle Bell Goats
  5. Real Live Heroes
  6. Mother Goose Asks Police for Help
  7. Moyo - Baby elephant havoc
  8. Ultimate Lazy Cat
  9. Friends Forever
  10. Fun Cat House
  11. Intelligent Crow
  12. Dusty the Cat Buglar
  13. Useful Dog Tricks by Jesse
  14. Kitten Therapy: Presicription for Stress
  15. Dog Goes From Sad to Happy
  16. Women and Moose Friend
  17. Homeless Dog Is Rescued
  18. Baby Penguin Takes Its First Steps
  19. Humpback Whale Saved From Net - Shows Appreciation
  20. Otters Holding Hands
  21. Craftsman carves s wooden Christmas tree
  22. Otters Holding Hands
  23. Porcupine Doesn't Want To Share - Be sure to listen.
  24. Five Day Old Elephant is Rescued
  25. And not one in the audience left during the performance! Who are they?
  26. A Cockatoo Feeds Dog Friend
  27. Lion Cubs - First Steps Outside
  28. A Lion Reunion
  29. A Gorilla Reunion
  30. Two Elephants Reunite After 20 Years
  31. Maru The Cat - Very Popular
  32. Gus the Bulldog and His Pool
  33. Baby Laughing at Dog
  34. Orangutan and Hound
  35. Dolphins Blowing Bubbles
  36. Kitten Versus Toy
  37. Budgie On A Ball
  38. Cat and Dolphin Playing
  39. Boomer in the Ball Pit


  40. Bunny singing the Jamster bunny song
  41. Pigeons - Cute animation cartoon

    Flash Mobs

  42. Flash Mob At Airport
  43. Energetic Flash Mob at Airport


  44. Sing Along Christmas Songs
  45. Twas the Night Before Christmas

    Music and Dance

  46. Wow! Practice at the National Ballet of Georgia
  47. Amazing Drumline
  48. Kid randomly plays piano in toy store
  49. Jitterbug - Couple Owns the Floor
  50. Four Year Old Boy Plays Piano - Incredible
  51. Amazing Voice - 10 Year Old
  52. Homeless Boy Sings on Korea Talent
  53. 10,000 People Sing "Ode To Joy"
  54. Cute 3 Year Old Performs
  55. Amazing Talent - Little Richard as a Child
  56. A Harmonica In Carnegie Hall
  57. George Li: Live from Carnegie Hall
  58. Surprise Opera in a School Lunch Hall Hall


  59. Hovercraft Meets Aricraft
  60. Backward Bike
  61. Walking Water Experiment
  62. Jetman Dubai - Young Feathers
  63. Pompeii, Eruption of Mt. Vesuvius - This is awesome
  64. Super Brain Yoga
  65. How To Make A Volcano
  66. How to Create Glowing Water Experiment
  67. The Russian Kangaroo
  68. Floating Car of the Future
  69. How To Make Silly Putty
  70. Tell me why winter is so cold.
  71. Where do animals go in winter?


  72. Making Gorgeous Wooden Boxes
  73. 10 Most Dangerous Roads in the World
  74. Four year old gives New Years resolution speech.
  75. Four year old speaks 7 languages.
  76. Giethoorn Holland - The Venice of the North
  77. Six Year Old Yo Yo Champ - Amazing
  78. 600 Acts of Kindness
  79. Floating Car of the Future
  80. Sports Illustrated Kids 2012 SportsKids of the Year: Conner and Cayden
  81. One Dollar - Award Winning
  82. Europe's longest Mountain Coaster
  83. Stairs Versus Escalator
  84. The Power of Words
  85. Validate
  86. Daddy's Home!


Love, Kindness, Gratitude, Forgiveness    
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