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Washington DC Quick Facts

White House: The White House is the executive mansion of the President of the United States. It is located on Pennsylvania Ave. It was designed by James Hoban.
Capitol Building: The United States Capitol building is the seat of U. S. government. It houses the Senate and the House of Representatives. The dome on the Capitol is 288 ft high.
Supreme Court Building: The Supreme Court Building is located in the center of Washington, D. C. It was designed by James Earle Fraser.
Flag: The flag of the District of Columbia (Washington, D.C). It is on a white field with 2 red stripes. Three red stars are above the stripes. It was adoped in 1938. The flag is based on the coat-of-arms of George Washington.
Washington Monument: The Washington Monument honors George Washington. It is a white obelisk in Washington, D. C. It is 555 ft 5 1/8 in. tall. It was opened to the public in 1884.
Lincoln Memorial: The Lincoln Memorial monument in Washington D.C., was built in 1914 - 1917. It is a large marble hall enclosing the statue of Abraham Lincoln on a large armchair.
Jefferson Memorial: The Jefferson Memorial honors Thomas Jefferson. The memorial is located in Washington, DC. It was dedicated in 1943.
Vietnam Veterans Memorial: The memorial was built in Washington D. C., in 1982. The designer and architect was Maya Ying. It is inscribed with more than 58,000 Americans killed or missing during the Vietnam War.
State Flower: American Beauty Rose



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