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Week of May 7, 2017 Human Brain Activity Fun eWorkbook

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Refer to the directions below to play the game

  1. Goal: Move all cards to the Foundation Piles from Ace to King by following suit. You win when all 52 cards are moved to the Foundation Piles. Example: Ace of clubs, 2 of clubs, 3 of clubs, etc.

  2. FreeCell Cards: You may move the top card of any Tableau Pile to any FreeCell. Cards in the FreeCells can be moved to the Foundation Piles or to the Tableau Piles when possible. Each FreeCell can only have one card.

  3. Tableau Cards: The exposed cards at the end of each column are available for play. These cards may be moved to the Cells or the Foundation Piles or to other Tableau columns. Empty columns can be filled by any card. You may build down the Tableau columns one card at a time by alternating color. Example: 8 of clubs, a red 7 can go on top of this, the a black 6 on top of the red 7.

  4. Strategy Tips: Look for Aces and other low cards that are deeply buried in the columns. Find all those cards and develop a plan to free them before you begin moving cards.

    Leave as many free (empty) FreeCells as possible. Then if you have a sequence of cards in the Tableau you can one by one put them into the empty FreeCells. This helps to move the sequence to a different Tableau column.

    Look for plays that organize cards in sequences.

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