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Spelling Apps for - iPad and iPhone

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You might want to search onine to see if they are also available for other tablets.

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Free Spelling Apps

Swipe over the letters in the grid to spell as many words as you can! Discover 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7-letter words. 3 game modes

This is a great word search puzzle game which keeps track of your progress across numerous puzzles.

Swipe Letters, Spell Words, Color Grid! Swipe over the letter tiles to spell words and try to color the entire grid. Every time you use a letter, its color changes

Learn spelling and pronunciation of 300+ first words. This is an Interactive spelling game with 9 categories and countless levels.

Best Apps for Kids Spelling Bug Hangman offers over 100 built in word lists for children ages 5 to 10 • Add your own words.

With this app spelling tests become a fun activity that your kids look forward to each time." Endorsed by tens of thousands of satisfied parents, teachers, and kids the world over.

VocabularySpellingCity is a fun way to learn spelling and vocabulary words by playing engaging games using any word list.

Kids learn to spell the most needed words as they play. Application presents each word by displaying a picture and pronounces the word and presents the letters that are needed to make the word.

Swipe over the letters in the grid to spell as many words as you can! Discover 3, 4, 5Create a personalized list of words to practice. Test your spelling - hear each word spoken. Get a star for each correct word. Practice just the words you have yet to master.

A fantastic spelling game for kids! Guaranteed improvement to spell English words! Bright, colorful and fun way to learn spelling.

It includes over 1000 pre-build practice tests to choose from! Plus all the spelling activities are turned into fun games so kids feel like they are playing games!” Endorsed by tens of thousands of satisfied parents.

This is a great app for kindergarten through 3rd grade children. It teaches a combination of high frequency and sight words from the Dolch Sight Word list.

Sight Words Spelling is a great way to practice spelling sight words. Progress through the levels until you master the game

Fun Way to Learn Spelling Words! This app is a powerful tool that can make learning easier and develop spelling skills directly and systematically.

Spelling is fun and easy with ABC Spelling Magic. Teaches the sounds of the letters and how to build words. This app can help your child learn the sounds of the alphabet.

Simple flash cards that help learn some common spellings. These flashcards spells the word as you watch them. Repetition helps to memorize these words. Over 150 words in 8 different categories

Spelling Apps to Purchase

Winner of the Children's Tech Review Editor's Choice Award - CTREX "Responsive and straightforward, this leveled spelling game was designed by teachers, and it shows."

Best Apps for Kids The world's favorite word game just got a whole lot better. Play alone or with a friend.

Do you get confused with - were we're where - they're, their, there - your, you're - know, no - two, too, to? Do you know where commas, question marks and apostrophe's go? If you struggle with these literacy issues and many more, then this app can help you.

The Spelling Bee has fun game modes to practice spelling! Enter your weekly spelling words or choose from one of the pre-loaded lists with over 850 words! This app is recommended for preschool – 5th grade.

Featured by Apple in Education New and Noteworthy - Nominee for Best Elementary Student App in the 2011 Best App Ever Awards

Common sense phonics word games for elementary spelling and literacy. Are you ready kids? Spring is here, let’s play! It is sunny in our bug world, and all the bugs are buzzing with excitement. Test your memory and hunt down all the matching cards to hatch the buglings!

Spelling Star is the perfect app for practicing your spelling lists. Create lists by entering words and recording the audio. Practice spelling each word correctly three times to become a Spelling Star! One of the top-rated spelling apps available.

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