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Geography Apps for iPad and iPhone

When you click on an app your web browser it may ask if you want to open your iTunes application. This will take you to your iTunes store for easy downloading.
You might want to search onine to see if they are also available for other tablets.

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Free Geography Apps

With World Flags Jigsaw Puzzle, kids can learn the flags of different countries in a jiffy and also have fun at the same time. Learning the flags of countries is finally exciting and very easy.

Play TapQuiz™ Maps for an easy and quick way to master geography. Learn the countries of the world through a fun and engaging game! Just tap the answer to each question on the map. Keep track of your progress through the statistics page so that you will always know where you can improve.

Hit the road in the awesome traveling trivia challenge loaded with family fun! From state capitals to US landmarks and key historic events, Geography Drive USA packs 800 important facts into one amazing adventure with surprises around ever bend.

If you like to play trivia games, at least do so while learning world geography! Look at 4 beautiful images and guess which country or city it is. Highlights - Tons of fun and challenging puzzles to guess!

Learn Geography with our K to 8th grade Geography games app! Test your knowledge on the different US States, capitals, regions, continents, countries, oceans, and so much more! We feature the top 100 students every day!.

Learn US States hit it right on the spot with their educational approach to this app. This app is a great way for younger students to get familiar with the states and represents a tremendous supplement to any geography or civics lesson.

Mission Antarctica is an iPad application developed as an educational interface for middle school children as they follow an Antarctic expedition and research program that begin August 2011.

The popular country outline quiz is now available for iPhone and iPod touch! Border Brain offers a great deal of fun in both a single-player and a duel mode. The Game Center Leaderboard and Achievements are supported as well, so you can compete with the rest of the world.

Guess the picture and answer what Global Quiz US, Europe, Asia Geography Quiz from all over the world.

Find countries, cities and landmarks on the world map. Number one geography game with over 6 mio players worldwide. Top 10 Trivia Game in 66 Countries. Play alone or with friends.

Flags and Countries is a quiz that tests your knowledge of the world countries' flags. It gives you the opportunity to play an entertaining and catchy game while improving your memory. Use GameCenter to compare your achievements with those of your friends.

Challenge your knowledge of world geography with World Map Challenge! Learn the locations of 200 countries around the globe! This is the Education Edition of the popular "World Map Challenge! Interactive Geography Quiz" app.

Easy World Capitals! Can you name all the countries in the world? How about their capitals? Want to take a quiz and find out? Bet you don't know some of them! Browse through this cool FREE app and quickly learn the names of all the countries in the world and their capitals!.

Let your kids become the geography masters! Make geography addictive and engaging while mastering the countries, states, cities, monuments. Look no further - School tested and highly educational! Colorful jigsaw maps full of fun and enlightenment to keep you coming back for more.

Get the feel of how our world fits together with this app by Clever Dragons. Learn the shape and location of each of the US states (included for free, along with US landmarks) or purchase additional maps, including countries in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Geography Apps to Purchase

Voted Best Education App For Kids - Featured New and Noteworthy in iTunes - The best way to learn the 50 states - Built By Teachers! Kids Love It! NEW: Master state geographic locations, capitals, flags, spelling, and see photos from each state.

Voted Best Kids App for iPad! - Best App Ever Awards - Voted Best Educational Game App - If you have children who are elementary school aged this is a fantastic educational app that's also a hoot.

Received a Golden App award - The original version was selected as "NEW & NOTEWORTHY! Now it's even better! Do you know the exact placement of each state on a map of the USA? Touch and drag.

Featured on the TODAY show! - Editor's Choice Award! - Children's Technology Review - Stack the Countries is worth every penny and this is an educational purchase that you absolutely will not regret.

Climb aboard and get ready to fly - because GeoFlight USA will take you to the skies in a geographical adventure! This award-winning game brings the world to your fingertips... literally! Can you name all 50 states? How about 144 cities? Could you correctly guess the names of 50 capitals?

Find countries, cities and landmarks on the world map. Number one geography game with over 6 mio players worldwide. Top 10 Trivia Game in 66 Countries. Play alone or with friends. If you know the world or want to learn geography, play this game and find Countries, Capitals, Cities, States and Landmarks.

Set out on an interactive global adventure with Wander our World! Photos, music, voice with country names, and engaging graphics will fire your child's imagination. Share their wonder as they embark on journeys near and far with this amazing world map app.

This is a challenging game, so it's not for beginners...but do keep in mind that the National Geographic Bee is meant for kids in grades 4-8. Are you smarter than a 4th grader?

Seterra Map Quiz - What's Your World Geography IQ? Whether you're studying for final exams or Final Jeopardy, Seterra has the geography category covered. The popular online and desktop based map quiz classic has been entertaining and educating geography buffs ages 8-88 for almost 20 years.

Help Tiny in this epic adventure to save the world using his awesome skills in geography! Dr. Evil and his henchmen have an evil plan to realign the world.

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